My friend Becky Lopez is a mega-talented jewelry designer. She is the owner/creator of Koodelah. We had so much fun collaborating for this photoshoot. Her jewelry is A M A Z I N G! I was trying all of it on during the shoot and every piece feels so natural on… I don’t wear a ton of jewelry because I really don’t like it getting in the way and I never want to feel like i’m trying too hard. Her stuff looks and feels effortless and organic. Just one piece instantly made me feel more stylish and I love that!

Becky handcrafts all of her jewelry in her home studio. With many of her pieces, she uses the lost-wax casting method in which she carves her designs out of wax and then casts them in metals like bronze and silver. She uses one-of-a-kind vintage components in her designs as well.

I love the way these photos turned out and i’m so happy to be a part of what Becky is doing!!!

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